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 Soul Resonance

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PostSubject: Soul Resonance   Tue May 31, 2011 7:39 am


The world is falling to pieces, with the arrival of a new Kishin, only a few months after the defeat of the old Kishin. Some of the defeated witches have returned, thanks to the Kishin's madness wavelength. But that isn't the only problem. It seems that there is a strange madness bug going around, and it is severely affecting the Meisters and Weapons.

Occasionally, Weapons are unable to transform, as if they are stuck in their human transformation. The effects are not permanent, but often happen at the most inconvenient times. Sometimes Meisters are unable to use their Soul Perception and Soul Menace, due to an overpowering wavelength.

But the worst part is, many Meisters and Weapons have switched bodies. Some have only switched roles, the Weapon becoming the Meister and vice versa. But some, they have completely entered the body of their partner, and their partner has taken theirs. The only thing is, once this happens, the effects are permanent. The only way to reverse the effects is to kill the Kishin.

Events going as of 5/30/11:

-Shibusen "Who dun it" Ball: Shibusen is holding a grand ball and all students are invited to attend. Everyone's getting dolled up and hearts are pounding. At this event, you never know what could happen. But even the students could never have predicted what was going to happen. The lights flick off and a scream runs through the halls. As the lights return, a student is lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the ballroom. There is no exit; no way for anyone to get in or out. Everyone is trapped in the school with a murderer. But...who is it?
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Soul Resonance
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