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 Zora Stein

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PostSubject: Zora Stein   Zora Stein Icon_minitimeSat Dec 17, 2011 4:04 pm


Name: Zora Stein
Nickname: Just Zora
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Zora Stein White-1

Zora has gray-white hair almost to her knees. Her bangs are just above her eyes. Her big eyes are ruby red. her skin is soft and light. she often wears light-colored clothing, but usually very light white. On special days she wears a white cocktail dress with lots of frills. Her usual outfit is a really light blue tanktop, and a gray hoodie, she often haves her hood on. In the summer she wears dark blue shorts or a gray with white and green, little skirt. In the winter she wears a loose jeans and All - Stars She always wears a black shoulderbag, and the bag looks like this (the picture) with Zora's name on it and the text is white.

Zora Stein Pdtkgc3yuqmievbofbup

She's a polite girl. Nice and easy, but she can have a crazy side like her father. Alot of people stay away from her because they know Franken Stein is her father, and they think if they say something wrong to her that her father will dissect them... She's a lonely and quiet girl. Zora doesn't trust people that she doesn't know. She's Shy and do not talk much. But when you get to know her better and you earned her trust, then she's a really nice, happy and hyper girl.


My life began when i was 6 year. That's when i realized that i was a weapon. I loved it. I finally could protect myself. My father, Franken Stein, abused me for experiments. But i was so quiet that i didn't said anything. But one day i had enough of all the dissecting and abusing. So i ran away. I lived 4 years in the forest. I was lucky that i was a weapon. So i could protect myself. The four years were not so bad, i had my own rules. But the 5th year was really diffifult for me, because i never had any friends. At least no real friends... So I chose to go back to my father... My father said to me that i still had the same beautiful skin. He made a promise to me, that he never would dissect or abuse me again at least i think he promist...?

Weapon Type: I can be all kinds of knife's or swords
My basic form

Zora Stein 41SQE2KFTYL

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135lbs

Meister Partner: I usually fight alone, but sometime my father is my meister.
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Zora Stein
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