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 Mission Ideas

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PostSubject: Mission Ideas   Mission Ideas Icon_minitimeTue Aug 23, 2011 2:42 pm

Mission Title:Death City Clean Up
Mission Description:In scattered areas at night there have been reports of random corrupted souls lurking around the city. Find them all and exterminate them. These souls only appear at night and maintain a humanoid form. Be careful; some have been reported to be extremely violent
Reward Points:20 points

Mission Title:Impling Round-up
Mission Description:A large group of Impling preKinshin have invaded a local grocery store and are tormenting the owner and his customers. If this continues for much longer the owner fears he will have to close his store. He is also offering a bonus gift if his store remains in once piece after the Implings are dealt with.
Reward Points:20 points

Mission Title:Trick -Treat
Mission Description:A pair of Demon Weapons have been reported wreaking havoc on a local Halloween-themed town. All those who have gone up against them experienced severe discomfort. Capture or destroy the Demon Weapons at all costs.
Reward Points:20 points

Mission Title:[/bThe Kinshin (Plot)
[b]Mission Description:
A large creature has been appearing late at night in a town on Earth. Many have fallen prey to this large beast and expect it to be a Full-fledged Kinshin. Exercise extreme caution when engaging the enemy: It is extremely dangerous.
Reward Points:50 points

PS: You can change the points if you want.
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Mission Ideas
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