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 42-42-564[An OC based Soul Eater RP]

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PostSubject: 42-42-564[An OC based Soul Eater RP]   Tue May 17, 2011 10:21 pm

Soul Eater.

The words stir up images of magic powers gained by eating souls, or through witchcraft, strange and wonderful technological devices, clay avatars coming to life, and elite partnerships of weapon and human. These are part of the struggle between good and evil, and all shades of grey in between. There are those who travel alone, on personal journeys of growth, vengeance, or adventure while others seek to ally themselves with powerful institutions.

Now is the golden era for Shibusen’s other students. The sinister professor has been defeated (along with Arachne), and despite a story of friendship, fighting, and betrayal, the students have emerged, better than ever and ready to face new challenges. A mysterious island with a back history of sacrifice, death, and disaster has surfaced in one part of the world, keen to repeat its bloody past, while in another an ominous tower is being constructed with devastating effects soon to be felt, forging a gap between weapon and meister that will weaken Shibusen’s control in world affairs. Now is the time, good, evil, or indifferent, to make a dynamic entry into the Soul Eater-verse and try your hand at shaping the plot

Who will you be? Will you wield awesome magical powers? Ride a golem? Turn into a giant weapon? Or perhaps you brandish an ancient demon tool? Maybe you'd just like to get back to your packed lunch. In any case, join 42 for one hell of an adventure (and cookies).

42 42 564 is an OC based Soul Eater RP, set along canon timelines, but with emphasis on our own plot - which is currently a conglomeration of mini-plots including the Babel Tower, and Risen Atlantis plots. Canon characters are not assigned to specific members, instead they can be NPC'd where necessary. Members are encouraged to think outside the box, to enjoy the creative palate presented by the Soul Eater-verse, and to come up with as many weird and wonderful ideas as they want. We have a friendly community and admins who are more than happy to hear new ideas and suggestions. Our board is focused on fun, and character development, and community.

Click the kishin egg to be taken to 42 42 564!

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42-42-564[An OC based Soul Eater RP]
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