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 Kamakichi the Hybrid

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PostSubject: Kamakichi the Hybrid   Kamakichi the Hybrid Icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2011 10:50 am

Name: Kamakichi



Species:Kaamakichi comes in quite a few forms: Fox/Wolf Girl, Wolf/Fox Form, Wolf/Fox{True Form}, and a Weapon

Gender: Female

Height: Depends on the Form she is in. “5’4” in Human Form

Weight: Depends on the form

Human form:
Kamakichi the Hybrid Spice_wolf_ookami_season2_horo_1

Wolf/Fox Hybrid Form{True Form}:
Kamakichi the Hybrid HoroLobo
Kamakichi the Hybrid Spice_and_wolf_02
Kamakichi the Hybrid Picture14

Wolf/Fox Hybrid Form: Same as the above but smaller[Like a puppy], cuter and has blue eyes.

Weapon Form:
Pata (Gauntlet Sword)
Kamakichi the Hybrid 1932.89.119

Partner: Luna Kitsune

Kamakichi is quite protective of Luna after meeting her and calls her “Mistress”, She is protective mainly on her close friends which is very hard to become since she is a very hard to open book. Even if she knows her life is in danger, she won’t think first about protecting her mistress and friends.

Combat Style:
In her two Fox/Wolf forms, she uses her fangs{Mainly} and her claws{Secondary}. She even sometimes uses her large tail to smack opponents into things and the air, making them vulnerable to her attacks. She also follows Luna’s order while fighting in any form.

Her loyalty and bravery making her a great ally

Her Mistress’s deep sadness causes herself to be sad.
Her protective nature can scare others away.

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Kamakichi the Hybrid
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