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 Luna Dirosa

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PostSubject: Luna Dirosa   Luna Dirosa Icon_minitimeWed Aug 10, 2011 4:02 pm

Name:Luna Dirosa
Nickname:Dosen't have one
Gender: Female
Appearance:Luna is slightly smaller then average, and gets upset whenever someone mentions it. She has blonde hair with black highlights streaking from her bangs to the tip of the ponytail she usually tucks under her baseball cap, which is black except for a diamond on the forehead, which is gold with black tics. She has sparse freckles across her face and under her ice-blue eyes. She has two scars on her right wrist from her first encounter with a Kishin Egg. Luna wears a plain grey t-shirt with gold trim with black tics around the sleeves, and on top of that, she wears a lighter grey t-shirt with the words 'Alan Wake' on it. It also has gold with black tic marks in slashes at the shoulders. She wears jeans that are occasionally spattered with clay, or, after a difficult and dangerous Kishin Egg kill, blood. Luna wears sneakers that are gold with black tic marks. Her right ear is pierced, a gold loop with a small dangling attachment, which ends in a ruby diamond. She wears a similar charm around her neck, except the diamond is emerald.
Luna is bubbly and excited usually, and is blonde-haired with an 'Alan Wake' t-shirt.
What you are:Katana/Claw Glove Meister
Personality:Luna loves to draw and is a bubbly, excitable person, who can sometimes be a bit of a spazz. She can be conceited sometimes, but when she really cares about someone, she'll put her life on the line for them. She dosen't have a large repertoire of comebacks for when people insult her, and, as an agliophobic, she fears being hurt, but is willing to fight hard to make Kitt a Death Scythe. Luna is nearsighted, but unless you were really close friends with her, you'd never know.
Luna prefers not to talk about her history.
Height: 5'2
115 pounds
Weapon Partner: Kitt Fox
Weapon Type:Claw-gloves
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PostSubject: Re: Luna Dirosa   Luna Dirosa Icon_minitimeWed Aug 10, 2011 4:20 pm

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Luna Dirosa
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