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 Blair the cat

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PostSubject: Blair the cat   Blair the cat Icon_minitimeMon Aug 08, 2011 5:40 am

Type: bakeneko

Name: Blair

Age: 21


In cat form, she is basically a black cat with large yellow eyes, ears with pale bushy tips and a long curly tail, but she wears a smaller version of her witch's hat and a collar with a round bauble that has three triangles etched into it to resemble a jack-o-lantern's face. In human form, she takes on the appearance of a young tall sexy woman with a large bust size and alluring figure. She has long violet hair and a strand of her hair on each side of her face curl up and around to resemble her tail and the bauble she wears in cat form can be seen below her neck. She has a set of purple catlike ears with a pink tip instead of human ears, which are initially hidden by her hat. Her black witch's hat coils around at the end and retains her bright yellow cat eyes. She also has a curled up purple cat tail that resembles her cat form one. Her lips are curled like the shape of a "3" number to represent those of a cat. She also has two little sharp fangs in her mouth in human form like cats.
She dresses in many types of revealing clothing such as tank tops and bikinis, but her signature witch outfit consists
Blair using a red bikini with two white cat faces on her top.
Added by Gus95BlairFan
of a black-blue dress that shows off her shoulders and wraps around her neck, long sleeves that reveal her hands and shoulders, a short skirt with a white frill and long high-heeled boots that curl upwards at the toes.
Blair is basically a fun loving kitty cat. She enjoys bathes unlike others. She enjoys messing with soul only to see him punished and her let off the hook. She often strolls around town as a cat and get's free food. She often goes to Chubba cabra's too.

Combat Style: She is a basic magic user. She useing pumpkin related magic, and uses the spell pum-pum-pumpkin. She can manipulate her hat and use it to fight too.

Strengths: She has nine souls, leaving her some room to be careless. The fact can give her peace of mind when she fights. So her mind isn't clouded with thoughts of her death. She is also rather strong with her magic, and has been mistaken as a witch before.
Weaknesses: She can be to trusting of others at times, and is very careless. Her mind often focus on playing around and not being serious. Also she not afraid of using her body to advantage. That also gets her in trouble.

History: At one time Blair was a normal cat. She lived with a young teenage boy who went to collage. She often sat beside him as he studied. He often talked to her about his day and he fed her fish instead of cat food. She spent most of her time for him. Though he hid a dark secret she didn't know. As Blair grew older her tail seemed to grow extra long. This allowed her to become a bakeneko. One night though while the boy was gone she heard a giant crash int he living room. She awoke from her sleep on his desk. She ran out to she him covered in blood. A murderous smile on his face. He had bullet holes in his body as he fell to the ground. Blair ended up turning into a human and kneeling beside him. Crying her eyes out, and wailing out in sadness. She was a cat again by the time the cops showed up. She watched as they took his body away. She was still a young child she didn't understand. So that night she left and traveled far away. She ended up in death city. She lived in a pumpkin house staying in her human form. She enjoyed baths. She was on the edge of death city one day when a young witch showed herself. One of the Mizune sisters. After a long argument they both hated each other. Blair never did to much around her house until a young white haired boy crashed through her window while she was bathing. Him and his meister both thinking she was a witch. She beat them both many times until, Soul tricked her. Only for her to reveal she was actually a cat. She followed them home and hasn't gone to a new home since.

Rp Example: Blair walked around town. She was in her cat form. She hummed to her magic words. Blair walked up to the fish shopped and meowed. The shop keeper walked up and smiled dropping a fish down for her. Blair ate it happily. Walking away she knew exactly where she was going. As she reached her destination she turned into a human and walked in. She smiled at the man at the bat table. She was at Chubba Cabra's. She smiled at spirit sitting on the chair. "Hello Spirit!" She chimed happily.
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PostSubject: Re: Blair the cat   Blair the cat Icon_minitimeMon Aug 08, 2011 5:44 am

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Blair the cat
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