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A Brand new Rp With tons of Characters Available!{Cannon and OCs are Welcome!
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 Soul Eater: Spirits Passing

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PostSubject: Soul Eater: Spirits Passing   Soul Eater: Spirits Passing Icon_minitimeTue Apr 26, 2011 12:21 am

Soul Eater

Spirits of Passing

This is a new RP site for those Soul Eater fans who want to make meisters, weapons, witches, kishin, and anything you want! It's text base and has quests for young meisters and weapons to take for those who are loyal to the DWMA. You can be a canon or custom, have any weapon you'd like, create spells, become a death scythe, and more!

Plots? We have them, and once this site is active, the plot adds more to it. Currently, The witches have been trying to figure out ways to summon a shinigami that they believe in legend, is able to overpower Death himself. They are unsure whether this legend to be true, but they will do all that they can, in hope for the Shinigami really existing. The Oldest Witch, leader of them all has finally died of loss in power. Three of the strongest witches have stepped up to take places as the Three Witch Lords.

A rebellion, known as "The Resistance", including meisters/weapons, witches, kishin, and enchanters that are against both the Witches Mass and DWMA is growing far more and it is beginning to concern Death. They believe that both the Witches Mass and DWMA are fortresses of an evil plot against the world, and they wish to bring peace to their country with thier own justice. They believe all criminals are scum and meant to be killed, regardless of being kishin, witch, or a normal human soul. They believe anyone who is apart of DWMA or the Witches Mass should be killed immediately on the spot.

The Weapon/Meister Academy is reaching a shortage of weapons and are currently searching for their now "endangered" genetically capable humans that can transform into weapons. Hoping to find any and taking them in, they are growing more nervous about the rebellions.

What era does it take place in? It takes place two years after the start of the actual series of Soul Eater. Have any ideas or requests? Go ahead and tell the admins. We're up for all ideas to make the site successful.

We hope you decide to give it a look and join, because the more members we have, the more friends you can make, and the more drama it adds to the RPG! Very Happy

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Soul Eater: Spirits Passing
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