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 Makai Kasai and Jushiro

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Makai Kasai/Jushiro
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PostSubject: Makai Kasai and Jushiro   Fri May 13, 2011 12:04 am

Name: Makai Kasai
Nickname: Shiken no Makai (Makai the Sword of Death), Chi basu Makai (Blood Bath Makai), Gyakusatsu no ō (King of the Slaughtered), Tamago no Jigoku (Spawn of Hell)
Age: 19
Gender: Male


Makai is a 7'5 foot tall male weighing 110 kilograms. His hair is pitch black and spikes off facing backwards. His hair is held in a high ponytail reaching mid back with medical bandages. When he let down his hair reaches his ankles. He has bangs covering both his face three stray bangs over each eye covering them. His skin is pale white whiter than snow. His eyes are blood red with black snake like slits for pupils. His eyes have no emotion to them what so ever they are completely blank making it when someone glances inside all they see is the pitch darkness. They are filled by a void of darkness a cold shiver being sent through there body.

He wore Anbu style black ninja pants his torso covered by a long sleeved black kimono like shirt. THe sleeves longer than his arms with metal rings inside the cuffs to be used to block weapons with a flick of the wrist. Hanging off his shoulders was a long black cloak with a red dragon on the back curled with its tail in its mouth. Inside the curled dragon was the kanji 'death' written in purple in the form of flames. He wore chinese traditional kung fu shoes in black. He wears three shinobi style belts around his waist with two item pouches at the back of each belt for a total of six. On each leg he wore two holsters containing assortments of shuriken, kunai and senbon. Makai carries four swords on his left hip a Uchigatana, Shinken, Ninjato and wakizashi on his right hip he carries two katana.















Right Arm:

Left arm:

Left palm:

Right Palm:

Left hand (Back):

Right hand (Back:

Shoulder Blades:

Upper Back:

Lower back (Horizontally):

Back of neck:


Makai Kasai is a very calm and collected and cold individual. Makai's face is always in a neutral position making it impossible to read his movements. He speaks in a monotone voice preferring not to show any sort of emotion. He enjoys being by himself and dislikes noise. makai can switch from his cold nature to a violent one when he is disturbed by loud noise. He despises crowds and prefers to be by himself. Makai is the type that hates being helped even by his own weapon partner and will often threaten to kill anyone who dares to interfere in his battle saying he would rather die then accept help from someone else having been raised to only believe and fight for one self. He will throw away his own weapon Jushiro in battle if he wants to and will resort to his own weapons.

Makai despises the weak those that rely on comrades and friends he deems weak and will not hesitate to attack them. Makai in battle if his own allies are slowling him down he will resort to cutting them down as to make sure they don't kill him or get in his way. Makai will not move an inch to help someone unless he profits from it such as if he is paid to help then he will any other time he will sit back and watch them die before stepping in to kill the enemy once his ally is dead.

In battle Makai's personality changes completely. Once in battle he becomes a sadistic murderous killer. He kills anyone and anything that gets in the way of hunting down his target and eliminating them. He will continue to fight ignoring all injuries to himself as if he doesn't even feel the pain thanks to years of training. The moment he covers himself in the blood of enemies he changes into a blood thirsty berserker and won't stop until either he stops himself, he is killed or there is no more blood to spill and the battle has ended.



Height: 7'5
Weight: 125kg

Weapon Partner: Jushiro
Weapon Type: Twin swords

Fighting Style and Abilities

Soul Purge: Makai is able to resonate with his own soul using it to drive his soul wavelength into his opponent for a physical attack even being able to channel his soul wave length through his swords to give an extended reach.

Makai’s base fighting style is a mix of numerous martial art styles Karate, Jujitsu, Chinese Kenpo, Muay Thai and numerous other styles. Makai has mixed these styles to create his own

Hone no Naku (Crying Bones): Hone no Naku is one of the many styles of fighting invented by Makai to harness strength and speed. Using the two Makai concentrates on deliver multiple fast powerful punches or kicks to single areas on his opponents body to put such strain and pressure on his targets bones that they break from the force of the hit. He can accomplish this with a single punch however if needed if his opponents body is weak. Makai can incorporate not only his fists and feet but also elbows, knees, head and any other part of his body in this style. Makai can also use his soul wave length incorporating soul purge into his attacks to deliver more brutal combo's.

Kamitouryuu (Sword of God): is a style of sword fighting used by and created by Makai. The sword of God is a sword style that can use one or more swords. It realies on quick cutting slashes to bring down the opponent as quickly as possible.


- Kokaijin (Penitent Man): The Kokaijin is a move where Makai using his own swords or jushiro in his sword form will aim quick strikes to the opponents tendons to cut them to force the target down on there knees by cutting off there ability to walk. While on there legs it gives the name of this technique the ‘penitent man’ as a penitent man is someone who is humble to god or bows before god. With the end the user decapitates the target while there head is bowed.

- Kami Sen (God Flash): Makai first start of by getting into a basic sword drawing stance. Makai will position himself beneath the sun where when he draws his blade the sun will refract off the blade to blind his target with a flash of light. Makai will lunge forward as he draws his blade blinding his target in the process. He will duck down drawing the blade to deliver a swift and deep cutting sword strike across there stomach in an attempt to cut them open.

- Tsuchi Kami Sen (Earth God Flash): Makai will impale one sword or two swords into the ground and swing upwards with such force he rips the ground up sending debris flying forward in an upward motion to impact upon his target(s) body.

- Kami Koutai sen (God’s Shift Flash) – Makai will form the basic sword drawing stance and push off with his right leg to close in. he will draw his sword only to drop it in mid swing allowing it to fall to the ground. He will spin and kick the handle with the back of his left ankle forcing the blade to spin where while in mid spin himself he grabs it in a reverse grip with his left hand and goes for a reverse slash across the targets chest.



Name: Jushiro
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Jushiro unlike his partner is soft spoken and will take the time to listen and interact with those around him. Makai is the darker of the two and Jushiro the lighter of the two. He is kind to all he meets often being seen as the older brother figure. He is wise beyond his years and often gives advice to others. However Jushiro is also a ladies man having been in many relationships over the years.

Weapon Type:

Twin swords (Katana and Odachi)

Katana form


Odachi Form


Height: 6'5 foot
Weight: 95kilograms

Meister Partner: Makai Kasai

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Maka Albarn

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PostSubject: Re: Makai Kasai and Jushiro   Sun May 15, 2011 1:19 pm

Accepted! Welcome to Soul Eater 99!
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Makai Kasai/Jushiro
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PostSubject: Re: Makai Kasai and Jushiro   Mon May 16, 2011 5:51 pm

Edited in Basic Fighting Style and Abilities
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PostSubject: Re: Makai Kasai and Jushiro   

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Makai Kasai and Jushiro
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