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PostSubject: Luna Kitsune{Meister}   Luna Kitsune{Meister} Icon_minitimeWed Apr 27, 2011 9:53 pm

Name: Luna[Moonlight] Kitsune
Nickname: Tiger of the Wind
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance:Luna has long silver hair and deep brown eyes. She is normally seen wearing a pure black cloak with black jeans and a plain gray long sleeved hoodie. Luna also wears a white kitsune mask with dark blue markings.[To be specific; 2 dark blue markings on each side of the cheeks.] One of her most distinctive facial features is a rather long scar going from the top of her nose to her left cheek. Her skin is a white/peach color.

Personallity: Luna is a born leader, she is strong, brave and fights for what she believes in, causing others to follow her. She will protect her followers and comrades till the death. Though no matter how strong and brave she is, Luna has quite a few people fear her around some areas. At times Luna can be cold hearted but she does mean well.


Luna and her younger brother, Zakuro became orphans at the ages of 3 and 4 when bandits came and destroyed their village. Since Zakuro was as such a young age at the time, Luna was the only one who remembers but even so, she only remembers bits and pieces of it. She remembered things such as the blood shed of the victims of the attack and the flames that burned the village to the ground. She also remembers when a group of Meisters came to the village to late but after that her memory is blank. Luna and Zakura have no memory of their parents and what they were like.

Moments after the Meisters left, looking for the bandits that attacked the village, a young woman with neon green hair came to the kids’ rescue. The young woman took the two under her wing. She continuously told them not to think of her as a mother but as a trainer.

9 years finally passed when trouble soon came to the home of three. A deadly illness began to spread around town which somehow it reached the woman who had raised them for many years. Though she was dying a slow and painful death, she was happy. The reason for this is that she would die knowing she did something good with her life. In her bed, she spoke her last words: “Fight to Live…do what you have to…to…survive…” After the woman died, warm in her bed, the two who were now 13 and 14 buried the woman in their backyard.

That night, Luna and Zakuro left their old home. This was the start of their new lifestyle and legacy. They began to raid villages with well thought through plans. Though the villages fought back it was helpless, their teamwork was overwhelmingly impressive. At first they were just taking what they needed but then they began to take the lives of many. Eventually, the two had a group that consisted of 15 followers but that all changed during the day of Bloody Rain. She was just hunting for food when she heard screams coming from their camp site. Luna ran as fast as she could but when she arrived, their bodies were surrounded by puddles of blood and no one in sight. On that day, all of the members except for Luna were killed, including her little brother, Zakuro. Luna wanted revenge for her fallen comrades but she had no idea who to blame. This was when she realized tears did nothing for the past causing her to become what she is now.

Weight: 135 pounds

Weapon Partner: Kagetora and Akatora
Weapon Type: Gauntlet Claws
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Luna Kitsune{Meister}
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