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 Yoruichi the nekomata

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PostSubject: Yoruichi the nekomata   Yoruichi the nekomata Icon_minitimeSat Aug 13, 2011 4:25 pm


Name: Yoruichi

Age: 21


Human: Yoruichi the nekomata Rpchari
She wears black shorts that are often hidden under the shirt, and doesn't wear shoes.

Cat:A simple black cat with yellow eyes. She has two tail, and her fur is short and sleek. Two balls of purple flame follow her. She can change her size, and has the ability to walk on two legs

Personality: She is rather lazy. She enjoys eating, and since being a nekomata means she can eat anything, she does. He favorite food is snake. She is a rather nice person, and she makes sure her friends don't get upset. Yoruichi is often mistaken as a witch, but she always found it fun to pretend she was. She is often seen out on the streets in the dead of night.

Combat Style: She uses alot of martial arts when she battles, but has also been known to use her magic. Her magic is based on Friday the thirteenth, meaning it is all based on being unlucky.

Strengths: Her magic is very powerful, and even in human form she keeps the weight of her cat form. This means she is very light, so martial arts is easier to preform.

Weaknesses: She is very, very lazy. She prefers not to fight in the first place. She is mostly just curled up somewhere off in wonderland. She likes a nice warm house where she is feed. So this means she doesn't actually go out on missions alot.

History: She has known Blair since she was a kitten. They have been best friends for many years. Between the two she is the more level headed one. When she lived with the boy she visited often. She was a street cat, not a pampered kitten. Blair would share the fish with her, and the boy became fond of her vists. He often left food out on his porch for her. When he died she left with Blair to death city. Blair lived in a pumpkin house, and Yoruichi often visited of course. She was a bakeneko herself, but her powers were growing. She started staying in the same house as Blair. Staying in her human house, and eating a bunch of food. Soon her tail forked into two tails, and she was a nekomata. She was more powerful than a bakeneko, and her powers were more like a witch. When Blair started living with Soul and Maka, Yoruichi took over the pumpkin house. Though he magic was more like black cats instead of pumpkins, she liked it. She still ate alot, and now she sneaks around the city to find stuff to eat.

(Google nekomata or bakeneko and look at the Wikipedia if you want more info on them)
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PostSubject: Re: Yoruichi the nekomata   Yoruichi the nekomata Icon_minitimeSat Aug 13, 2011 11:37 pm

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Yoruichi the nekomata
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