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 Zephier Dawnstar Bio

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PostSubject: Zephier Dawnstar Bio   Zephier Dawnstar Bio Icon_minitimeThu Aug 11, 2011 3:44 am

Zephier Dawnstar

Species Zorgan (shadow)

Gender Male


Height: 6 foot

Weight: 189 pounds

Appearence: In private when he has no means for masking his true personality he wears a black robe with a cowl that falls just along his eyeline casting a shodow that covers the majority of his face. The cowl features a large blood read cross on the back online the short top line visable from the front the left sleaves has many of these blood red crosses scattered upon it. His eyes eminate an eerie malevolent purple shadowy material when in batle or angry. When he is under the rules of his facade he Wears a White robe with Golden Pentagrams Scatterred Over the chest area only. He wears black Converse hightops. That can't usualy be seen under his robe he wheres a necklace with a cross at all times but it it usualy tucked under his robe. He has shoulder leangth silver hair and aquamarine eyes

Personality:Zephier is a complex indevidual with a messed up past only match by his present this makes him tend to be a closed book. no matter how much emotion he feels he wont let anyone know in fear it will make him seem week and if he is seen as weak he wonders how can he protect those who are close to him for he will never allow himelf to be the one who needs protection agai (see history ). Casualy Zephier is the guy sitting in the corner of the room avoiding the action and the fun. if you become someone close to Zephier however he will open up to you and you will know a whole new him, Someone ready and willing to sacrifice his own life to save yours, somone who is loyal and caring. However if you hurt somebody Zephier cares about then he will uproot his entire life just to end yours.

History: Zephier grew up an orphan living in a large city only surviving on stolen goods and spare change. Ever since childhood all he has known was hatred and slaughter as he was despised among the city because of his "talents". He met and began to like a girl who was in the same position he was, missunderstood and feared... even hated. And so they joined together to survive in the tough world they lived in. He slowly became more attached to this girl and would have done anything to be with her forever. One day they were walking down the bank of a river talking and laughing when suddenly they heard a yell "Hey! Your the ones who killed that women aren't you?! See, over there officer!"the officer shouted " We didn't do anything like that! Please understand!" Zephier pleaded. The man pointed them out and continued to yell as they began to run. They eventualy came accross a barn and hid in a pile of hay. As the children lay there hiding the sound of the police officers screams grew louder. Suddenly she kissed him on the cheek and said " I need you to promise me you will stay here." he responded suprisedly " No, No way those guys are after us!" the girl looked at him and stood up " If we stay here they will find us... Now.. Promise me you will stay here..." He looked at her sadly and nodded then pounded the ground in anger confused and disgruntled. "I love you" she said then walked out of the barn and began to run purposly making noise and leading the men leading them as far away as she could then Zephier began to run back to the river wherehe dove in. As he was swimming his tears flowing into the river, a gunshot was heard... As Zephier reached the other side of the river and crawled into a bush he realized just how litle sense the world made and how litle humanity understands. The only thing that keeps him from hating all humanity is the thought of the girl he once loved and his own need to be loved. It was later that night that a meister was seant to pick him up seeing this as an opprutunity to find acceptance he headed off the deaths school.

Theme Song: Headstrong
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Zephier Dawnstar Bio
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